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PATHFINDERS are unique.

As gifted individuals, we do share some common traits and characteristics. We probably won't have ALL those that are randomly described here, and we may share some characteristics which have not been included. 


Pathfinders, less than fifteen percent of the population, are definitely in the minority. We operate from the right hemisphere of the brain and are highly gifted. We are ‘spiritual’ in nature, highly intelligent, and possess exceptional, unusual, intuitive, and sometimes supernatural gifts, special talents, or abilities. We are often extremely creative artists, authors, scientists, composers, inventors and abstract thinkers of all kinds.


Pathfinders flourish when interacting with those of their ‘own kind’. However, the vast majority of the people with whom we associate in the school system and in nearly all workplaces operate from the left hemisphere of the brain. These people, do not think and learn the way pathfinders do and it is very prevalent for them to exhibit little understanding of the Pathfinder (and vice-versa).


Pathfinders are empathetic, curious, and strong-willed and easily become exasperated with systems that are ritualistic in nature and don't require creative thought. We are self-motivated independent thinkers who may become impatient and frustrated with ‘established society’ which is slow to comprehend their methodology. We hate waiting in lines, other people’s tardiness, and things of a like nature which ‘wastes our time’.


Pathfinders often see better ways of doing things and, as such, may be perceived as being nonconformists. Being ‘trailblazers’ and ‘natural leaders’, we resist rigid, control-based models of unqualified authority which are imposed upon us and this increases the misperceptions by others of our nonconformity.


Pathfinders have different routes of learning which differ dramatically from the ‘norm’. Society tries to suppress their giftedness. Family and friends often perceive them to be ‘strange’. Those who possess brilliant minds time and again are unfairly labeled as having ‘disorders’ of various sorts; for example, AD/HD (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder) – and are drugged into submissiveness. The fact is that Pathfinders are extremely gifted and the majority of people in the world do not know how to deal with them or their unique giftedness.


Not receiving the external support they need, pathfinders turn inward to the point that they are perceived as being ‘antisocial’. It is often extremely difficult for them to fit into societal establishments, such as School, Businesses, Industrial settings, etc.


Unfortunately many, who should have a prominent place in society, consider themselves to be lost souls and live as exiled outcasts. Often they come to loathe themselves and self-medicate or over indulge with food, alcohol and  other drugs, etc. in an attempt to slip into oblivion. This is why it is so necessary for us to identify those who are pathfinders, to fellowship with them, and to invite them into a mutually beneficial supportive society. By doing so, there is hope that many pathfinders will not become ‘lost’, and those of us who are ‘lost’ will be reclaimed.