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"No matter how healthy you are,
your health can ALWAYS improve."


Pathfinder Village in the Valley of Renewell 


An Intentional Homesteading/Prepping Developmental Center and Covenant Community with a focus on Healthful Living.
Living intentionally means making choices to do what matters most for members, and the Community, itself. The term, what matters most, is defined in Pathfinder Village Articles and Covenants.


Nestled within the wild and pristine Arkansas Ozarks lies 51 acres of private land with diverse fauna and flora, three perennial springs, a seasonal brook, forests, and a soon-to-be home for Pathfinders (like you?)


The goal is to provide a place for gifted people to live simply, eat well, to feel free, to relax, clear the cobwebs from their lives and minds - to blossom as humans and to come to realize the profound potential within themselves.


We feel that when well-meaning, "seeking" people spend time intimately communing with nature, - they are more likely to grasp their true potential in life, and to share their talents and expertise with others.









FOCUS: Pathfinder Village provides an infrastructure for those who are sincerely interested in Self-Progression, Community Development, and Holistic Health.

We are seeking reliable, hard-working people who are willing and able to live in a drug-free environment and to invest their time, talents, and resources in a manner which will benefit themselves, and others, as well.



  • 1) Teachers of natural living/holistic subjects/prepping and martial arts.

  • 2) Preparing raw and cooked foods for consumption by the Community.

  • 3) Alternative Energy Systems (those with knowledge of).  

  • 4) Natural architecture and building enthusiasts. (Well insulated tiny homes are encouraged).

  • 5) Skilled people in the various Off-Grid fields.

  • 6) Healers.

  • 7) Organic Gardening, Homesteading, Food Processing and Storage.

  • 8) Foresighted People - with ideas and energy.

  • 9) Mechanical Expertise.

  • 10) Management/Advertising/Marketing/Computer/Web Designing/Office skills.

  • 11) Cottage Industries. [You may join those which are in place or help develop new ones.]

  • 12) Lapidary

  • 13) Journalism

  • 14) Social Media

  • 15) Photography

  • 16) Audio/Video recording and editing

  • 17) etc.

A modern 1500 sq. ft. upstairs apartment can house up to twelve single women - permanently or temporarily while awaiting housing construction. Tent or camper living, optional. 


Singles and families are welcome to camp out or live in campers until suitable housing can be constructed. Three (limited service) RV slots are available.










A modern 1250 sq. ft. house can billet up to ten single men - permanently or temporarily while awaiting housing construction. Tent or camper living, optional.

Singles and families are welcome to camp out or live in campers until suitable housing can be constructed. Tent or camper living, optional. 


Participants may choose to live within the borders of the community, in its periphery, or in neighboring rural areas, towns, or villages.


Plans are for procuring additional adjacent land and for developing:

  • 1) Central kitchen and dining area.

  • 2) Meeting hall for lectures, massage, martial arts practice, meditation, etc.

  • 3) Dormitory-style housing to accommodate less permanent visitors

  • 4) Root-cellars for storage.

  • 5) Livestock containment areas.

  • 6) Animal husbandry facilities.

  • 7) Further development of the water supply and distribution system.

  • 8) Off-Grid power generation.

  • 9) Extensive organic gardens and permaculture.

  • 10) Carefully managed sites in line with the tenets of permaculture.

  • 11) Home sites.


Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is:

The conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally-productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.
The harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.


The philosophy behind Permaculture is:

Working with, rather than against, nature.
Of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than thoughtless action.
Of looking at systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them; and Of allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolutions.


Its goals are:

Local food (and other resource) production, andlocal self-reliance constituting a sustainable earth care system


APPLICANT(S) must meet the following qualifications:

•       Is/are kind, compassionate, loving and forgiving.

•        Use(s) no profanity - clothing and appearance is modest.

•        Strives to live in conformity with Natural Laws of Good Health and Self-Healing.

•        Is/are emotionally well-adjusted and interact(s) easily with others.

•       Agree(s), through covenant, to the Pathfinder Village Articles of Organization and                 Implementation.



A private, wooded, secluded, valley is part of a steeply hilled 51 acre tract which is home to the Pathfinder Village, - a division of Valley of Renewell, LLC.

It is a tranquil, peaceful refuge from the hustle, bustle, and cares of the world; a place where spirituality abounds.


In addition to the 3,000 sq. ft. barn-style home #1 (downstairs office/multipurpose use & upstairs living quarters), 1,250 sq. ft. home #2,  two other ancillary structures help to meet the needs for this growing community.


Several walking and hiking trails are available which can help one become acquainted with the abundance of bird life, wildlife and native vegetation; including many varieties of healing plants and herbs.


Rock faced bluffs and two caves are prominent features of the valley. A centrally located spring-fed seasonal stream meanders through the valley before dropping through a series of small waterfalls and into a reflection pool. Many tucked away places of seclusion are amenable for outdoor meditation.











Other features of the compound include vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, picnic areas, a multipurpose fire circle, a small natural amphitheater, three R-V sites with (limited) hookups, and potential sites for primitive camping. More than fifty whimsical, surrealistic garden sculptures dot the landscape. The construction of a world-class meditation labyrinth is now in process. 


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Valley of Renewell, LLC

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