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Pathfinders, less than fifteen percent of the population, are definitely in the minority. We operate from the right hemisphere of the brain and are highly gifted. We are ‘spiritual’ in nature, highly intelligent, and possess exceptional, unusual, intuitive, and sometimes supernatural gifts, special talents, or abilities. We are often extremely creative artists, authors, scientists, composers, inventors and abstract thinkers of all kinds.


ALL Pathfinders have some things in common. We are creatures of excellence and intelligence. Nevertheless, we have peculiar traits and tendencies which make us a peculiar people. We share patterns of thought which differentiate us from the masses. We live in times and dimensions which make us unique. The qualities we embrace are viewed by others as inequalities. The things which we share in common make us most uncommon among the people of the world.


It stands to reason that we do not fit into a world which does not understand us. (‘Get your head out of the clouds and come back to earth.’) We are persecuted because we are looked upon as being different. (‘Think like the pack or pack up and go.’) Others are easily offended because our methods for learning differ from theirs. (‘Stop shuffling your feet. Look at me. Pay attention to what I am saying’.) We are ill-treated because the way we process information is ‘unconventional’. (‘Get away from that window. Sit down. Shut your mouth. Fold your hands on the desk. Keep your eyes to yourself and listen to me.’) It is very easy to see that repetitious public ridicule does not make us popular with our ‘peers’.


The things that we do and the way we do them also sets us apart from others. Often we, ourselves, don’t know why we think and act the way we do. In many instances we are dumbfounded when we fall into 'disgrace and dishonor'. Yet because we are different, we try to ascend to test our wings just one more time. Even so, the weight of ‘failing’ repeatedly becomes heavier and heavier on our backs.


All we really want is to be free to think and act, grow and progress, and seek new vistas and horizons in the manner with which we are most comfortable. All too often, in doing this, we are inhumanely brought to shame and dishonor in the sight of our fellow human beings.


The grating, grinding cycle relentlessly repeats itself. Bit by bit we become disillusioned with our quest to find and follow a greater meaning and higher purpose in life. The drive to reach for our lofty goals and worthy ideals becomes thwarted.


One by one the people in our society reject us and turn us away. In the bitter end we find ourselves outcast - banished - and alone. We lose our sense of freedom, our former perspectives on life, our sensitivities to others, our ambition to accomplish, our joys in creation, and even our reason to remain living. Hurting, brokenhearted, and alone, many of us turn to a myriad of addictive behaviors and substances to drown and dull our aching, agonizing, throbbing, senses.


As Pathfinders, we need to preserve and protect ourselves. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The sooner we come to this realization, the better off we will be. We all need to embrace the missing factor or element which is the key to our survival. We need to form bonds and associations with like-minded individuals.


Be proactive. Seek the uplifting companionship, friendship, and support which comes from associating with compatible individuals and groups. Pathfinders flourish when interacting with those their ‘own kind’. Harmoniously vivacious experiences are likely to occur when you and your inner circle of friends and associates think and act in a cohesive manner. This is a great way to boost your feelings of individual worth, contentment, self-respect, joy, peace, dignity, serenity, and inner fulfillment.


Pairs or teams of Pathfinders working together toward common goals, or on common projects, boost each other’s imagination, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativeness. In this case the sum is more than the total of its individual parts. Following this pattern, spectacular results can be achieved.


As a group, Pathfinders are caring and compassionate and are more likely to get along superbly with each other than with the other eighty-five percent of the population. They are also more apt to work splendidly together and to use their collective strengths and resources for the betterment of all concerned and the advancement of their mutually beneficial supportive society.


A Society of Pathfinders is currently being developed as a support system, to meet the needs of an often misunderstood segment of our culture. You can receive the support you need and help to support others by joining the Valley of Renewell Society of Pathfinders. Membership is free. [CONTACT US]


In addition to this, Pathfinder Village in The Valley of Renewell is now open to receive residents on a temporary or permanent basis.

will help you:


  • Make your life more meaningful.

  • Make the world a better place in which to live.

  • Rectify social injustices no matter how great or small.

  • Discover and develop your special (and sometimes extraordinary) talents and skills.

  • Develop your mental powers and expand the use of the higher faculties of your mind.

  • Increase the depth, scope and degree of your mentation and the use of your cognitive skills.

  • Develop right and left brain integration.Optimize the state of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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